Counselling and psychotherapy for spiritual, cultural and mental health issues

Hello, I'm James Lowe and I'm a counsellor, psychotherapist and mindfulness (Vipassana) meditation teacher who practices cross cultural counselling.

My goal is to make good people great. You have a natural talent for contentment, creativity and generosity. Whether counselling or teaching, my aim is to help you discover your natural capacity for happiness and ease. Without losing track of what's practical, I strive for the ideal in you.

Right now, you can feel comfortable with who you are and what you have - instead chasing after the next best thing. With greater levels of personal contentment and worthiness, you can calmly deal with the challenge of everyday living. It's possible to lessen the nagging dissatisfaction in life. Through counselling and meditation, you can discover your natural capacity for joy and acceptance. You can re-define how you live.

The benefits of counselling and meditation include better decision making, less frustration, and greater efficiency. Counselling is an investment in yourself. No matter what you do or where you go, your mind is the most portable and transferable asset you have. This investment of time and effort is smaller than the hundreds of dollars you spend on clothing, gadgets, and classes designed to make you feel better.

Happiness is a real possibility for you right now.

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I offer one on one sessions as well as couples. I have an office in South Vancouver and usually book appointments during weekday mornings.

My rate is $100 per hour.
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I offer teacher interviews for meditators looking for teacher support in their practice. These meetings are typically in my office in South Vancouver.

I offer Teacher Interviews based on a Dana amount that is suitable for you. A suggested Dana is $50 per half hour or $100 per hour, or whatever amount of Dana is suitable for you.
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I offer specialized coaching and workshops to managers, management teams or entire staff populations. As well I teach mindfulness and lovingkindness meditation courses in the community.

My rates vary on the amount of preparation and customization.